Solid Color UV Acrylic Tapers with O-rings

Solid Color UV Acrylic Tapers with O-rings


Solid Color Acrylic Tapers with O-rings

9 Sizes | Available in 14 Colors

• Length : 36mm (14GA,12GA, 10GA, 8GA)

: 43mm (6GA, 4GA)

: 49mm (2GA)

: 53mm (0GA)

: 60mm (00GA)

TAAC-016LB14GA (1.6mm)Light Blue---
TAAC-016P14GA (1.6mm)Pink---
TAAC-016O14GA (1.6mm)Orange---
TAAC-016R14GA (1.6mm)Red---
TAAC-016G14GA (1.6mm)Green---
TAAC-016NG14GA (1.6mm)Neon Green---
TAAC-016A14GA (1.6mm)Purple---
TAAC-016B14GA (1.6mm)Blue---
TAAC-02LB12GA (2mm)Light Blue---
TAAC-02P12GA (2mm)Pink---
TAAC-02O12GA (2mm)Orange---
TAAC-02R12GA (2mm)Red---
TAAC-02G12GA (2mm)Green---
TAAC-02NG12GA (2mm)Neon Green---
TAAC-02A12GA (2mm)Purple---
TAAC-02B12GA (2mm)Blue---
TAAC-025LB10GA (2.5mm)Light Blue---
TAAC-025P10GA (2.5mm)Pink---
TAAC-025O10GA (2.5mm)Orange---
TAAC-025R10GA (2.5mm)Red---
TAAC-025G10GA (2.5mm)Green---
TAAC-025NG10GA (2.5mm)Neon Green---
TAAC-025A10GA (2.5mm)Purple---
TAAC-025B10GA (2.5mm)Blue---
TAAC-03LB8GA (3mm)Light Blue---
TAAC-03P8GA (3mm)Pink---
TAAC-03O8GA (3mm)Orange---
TAAC-03R8GA (3mm)Red---
TAAC-03G8GA (3mm)Green---
TAAC-03NG8GA (3mm)Neon Green---
TAAC-03A8GA (3mm)Purple---
TAAC-03B8GA (3mm)Blue---
TAAC-04LB6GA (4mm)Light Blue---
TAAC-04P6GA (4mm)Pink---
TAAC-04O6GA (4mm)Orange---
TAAC-04R6GA (4mm)Red---
TAAC-04G6GA (4mm)Green---
TAAC-04NG6GA (4mm)Neon Green---
TAAC-04A6GA (4mm)Purple---
TAAC-04B6GA (4mm)Blue---
TAAC-05LB4GA (5mm)Light Blue---
TAAC-05P4GA (5mm)Pink---
TAAC-05O4GA (5mm)Orange---
TAAC-05R4GA (5mm)Red---
TAAC-05G4GA (5mm)Green---
TAAC-05NG4GA (5mm)Neon Green---
TAAC-05A4GA (5mm)Purple---
TAAC-05B4GA (5mm)Blue---
TAAC-06LB2GA (6mm)Light Blue---
TAAC-06P2GA (6mm)Pink---
TAAC-06O2GA (6mm)Orange---
TAAC-06R2GA (6mm)Red---
TAAC-06G2GA (6mm)Green---
TAAC-06NG2GA (6mm)Neon Green---
TAAC-06A2GA (6mm)Purple---
TAAC-06B2GA (6mm)Blue---
TAAC-08LB0GA (8mm)Light Blue---
TAAC-08P0GA (8mm)Pink---
TAAC-08O0GA (8mm)Orange---
TAAC-08R0GA (8mm)Red---
TAAC-08G0GA (8mm)Green---
TAAC-08NG0GA (8mm)Neon Green---
TAAC-08A0GA (8mm)Purple---
TAAC-08B0GA (8mm)Blue---
TAAC-10LB00GA (10mm)Light Blue---
TAAC-10P00GA (10mm)Pink---
TAAC-10O00GA (10mm)Orange---
TAAC-10R00GA (10mm)Red---
TAAC-10G00GA (10mm)Green---
TAAC-10NG00GA (10mm)Neon Green---
TAAC-10A00GA (10mm)Purple---
TAAC-10B00GA (10mm)Blue---